The highest position in the network, with the tasking of overseeing all administrative tasks of the officers, along with regulation of current Officers.


The second administrative position with the task of overseeing events, and the planning of future ones. The recruitment and management of new officers.

Senior Officer

Major is the first administrative position with the tasking of event planning, server maintenance, mind storming, internal and external relations, and member regulation.‚Äč


Officers are chosen out of a large proportion of applicants for their specific skillsets.


Senior Officers are officers who have shown extraordinary leadership and problem-solving abilities.

Assigned to a specific division or location.


Rank is given to members for stated tasks, operations or investigations ordered by high ranking officers or leadership.

This rank is awarded to members who have shown devoted loyalty unquestionable trust, and brotherhood to fellow organization members.


Leading Member

This rank is given to any member who has shown loyalty, trust, and respect to fellow organization members.


Senior Member

This rank is given to willing participants of the organization and does not have any permanent requirements or responsibilities other than active participation. 



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